About the APL


est. 1976

Founded in 1976 by Hugh J. Silverman, the International Association for Philosophy and Literature (IAPL) established a reputation for bringing together thinkers and scholars working in a wide range of disciplines concerned with the study of philosophical, historical, critical, and theoretical issues. The annual conference of the IAPL initially ran for 37 years, between 1976 and 2013. The IAPL was dedicated to the exchange of ideas and to the enhancement of scholarly research in the arts and the humanities.

Renewed focus

Under the new title, the Association for Philosophy and Literature will continue in the spirit of the work of the IAPL. The APL provides an opportunity once again to engage in discussion at the intersections of philosophical, literary, cultural, textual, visual, medial, art, and aesthetic theories.

With its focus on interdisciplinary topics and commitments, the APL will continue to play a role in the articulation of many of the most vital and exciting recent developments in philosophy, literature, and the arts.

Annual APL conferences provide unique opportunities for dialogue and strategic readings, the articulation of contemporary themes and ideas, the exploration of various expressive arts, and the production of new theoretical discourses. Membership in the APL (renewable each year) includes access to conference programs, special discounts on conference registration fees and at conference hotels, receipt of various APL brochures and publications, the Bibliography of Books Published by APL Members, the opportunity to submit a conference paper, and the support of an extensive range of useful information made available on the APL website.

Membership also includes a free book from the ongoing Textures series, which consists of uniquely focused volumes of essays related to the themes of previous conferences.


est. 2018

The new and improved APL website includes details concerning upcoming conferences, past events, submission forms, and services provided by the APL. All of the most current information, arrangements for lodging, travel, and related concerns in connection with APL conferences is posted as soon as it is available. The website also provides access to both current and past conference programs.

If you wish to host a future APL conference please contact any member of the executive committee :

The Executive Committee of the APL

Gary Aylesworth | Peter Gratton | John W P Phillips | Gertrude Postl


TEXTURES: Philosophy / Literature / Culture

A volume from the book series Textures series will be published annually and APL members will be invited to submit papers for consideration. This series edited by John Phillips seeks to publish the most exciting in-depth research in the areas of philosophy, literature, and culture today. TEXTURES has been established to include not only contemporary interdisciplinary studies in philosophy, literature, film, media, and the arts, but also literary, aesthetic, and cultural theory. It addresses questions of cultural meaning and cultural difference, aesthetic experience and cultural studies while focusing on new directions in philosophical/ literary/ art/ musical/ film/ cultural theory.

Theory, Culture and Society (Sage)

The APL is working with the journal Theory, Culture & Society, which will consider some of the papers presented at the conference for publication.

Theory, Culture & Society was launched in 1982 to cater for the resurgence of interest in culture in the social sciences. It has built up a large international and multidisciplinary readership through its ability to raise and discuss emergent social and cultural issues in an open, non-partisan manner. Theory, Culture & Society is at the cutting edge of recent developments in social and cultural theory. The journal has helped to break down some of the disciplinary barriers between the humanities and the social sciences by opening up a wide range of new questions in cultural theory.

Theory, Culture & Society builds upon the heritage of the classic founders of social theory and examines the ways in which this tradition has been reshaped by a new generation of theorists.

Additional publications:

Body & Society was launched in 1995 as a companion journal to Theory, Culture & Society It has pioneered and shaped the field of body-studies.

Theory, Culture & Society Book Series has published over 150 titles, including volumes by leading figures in the social sciences and humanities.