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Conference registration is 100USD for faculty and 75USD for students and the underemployed

Conference registration includes access to daily receptions, the conference dinner and refreshments (coffee/tea) during the event.

All conference attendees must have up to date membership dues and registration fees to participate. Registration on site will be 120USD


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All registered participants are invited to a welcome reception on the evening of the 29th and the conference dinner on Saturday 1st June
N.B. The excursion to Trieste is a paid tour.

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Venue Details:

Registration is located at the lobby of building “V”


Wednesday May 29, 2019

 Klagenfurt City Walk, 5.30-6.30pm

Starting point: Tourist Information, Neuer Platz
Walk ends at Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt (venue of Welcome Reception)

 Welcome Reception, 6.30-9.30pm

@ Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt


Thursday May 30, 2019

 Traditional Carinthian Dinner (optional)

Venue: Department of Media and Communications
€15 Dinner with a glass of wine

Friday May 31, 2019

 Directors Screening (mockumentary)

Christoph Schwarz will show three of his short films addressing the main topics of our conference, truth-fiction-illusion.

Christoph Schwarz

“If someone asks me, what kind of art I’m doing, I tell some made up stories. If this is exposed, I explain that lying is my artistic practice.”

Born 1981 in Vienna, graduated from the University of Applied Arts Vienna in 2006 where he studied Media arts with Peter Weibel, Karel Dudesek and Tom Fürstner. Additional education at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design Prague, conceptual art studio Jiří David. Schwarz’s projects mainly emerge out of self-involved set-ups, in which he blends fact and fiction into humorous narratives that can find their respective formal shape in performance, installations and short film, and have been shown at exhibitions and film festivals internationally.


Friday May 31, 2019

 Guided tour of the Robert Musil Institute for Literary
Research/Carinthian Literary Archives, 6-7pm

 Klagenfurt City Walk, 6-7pm

Starting point: Tourist Information, Neuer Platz
Walk ends at Musil Haus (venue of Lipuš Reading)

 Author Reading of Florjan Lipuš The Errors of Young
Tjaž, 7-9pm

@ Musil Haus

Born in 1937 in the village of Lobnik pri Železni Kapli (Lobnig near Bad Eisenkappel) in Austrian Carinthia, Florjan Lipuš has been an outstanding representative of Carinthian Slovene literature and its most prominent prose writer since the 1960s. As author of six novels and six book-length collections of short fiction and essays in Slovenian so far, he has been awarded many prizes, most prominently the Prešeren Prize, Slovenia’s most prestigious award for lifelong literary achievement, in 2004, the Petrarca Prize for European Literature in 2011, and the Great Austrian National Prize for lifetime achievement in literature in 2018. His major works include: Zmotedijaka Tjaža (1972, German transl. Peter Handke & Helga Mračnikar 1981, English transl. The Errors of Young Tjaž Michael Biggins 2013), Boštjanov let (2003, German transl. Boštjans Flug [Boštjan’s Flight] Johann Strutz 2005), Gramoz (2017, German transl. Schotter [Gravel] Johann Strutz 2019).


Saturday June 1, 2019

 Conference Dinner, 7pm - late

@ JAW, city centre. Bus transfer from AAU


Sunday June 2, 2019

 Day trip to Trieste

Following the historical footsteps of open psychiatry and great writers in the multicultural city

Trieste used to be Austrian for over 5 centuries. And for over 2 centuries it served as the Austro-Hungarian Empire’s main port, thus attracting a large number of merchants from the most different countries and developing into a cosmopolite, multicultural and multireligious town. The 20th century was all but boring: Trieste had to change flags 5 times (among others under British-American military administration), it experienced the different dictatorships and became legally Italian in 1975. For many Central European Jews it was 'the gate to Zion' in the years 1938-1943.

Trieste is a town of countless contradictions, which may have contributed to the increase of mental illnesses, to a certain kind of “craziness” (sometimes in a positive way...). As a consequence of its location with a look onto Central Europe, Trieste has always been a gate from both a geographical and cultural point of view: Psychoanalysis was introduced to Italy by Edoardo Weiss, the Triestine physician who translated Sigmund Freud.


Time Event
7 am Departure Klagenfurt
10 am Arrival Trieste

Guided Tour “Parco San Giovanni – Park of the Psychiatric Hospital”

We will start our exploration of the multicultural town Trieste with a walk through the Park of the Psychiatric Hospital, which was shaped in the style of Steinhof in Vienna. We will have a coffee in a bar which is also a cultural symbol for the locals and will also see the wonderful rose-garden and some of the Pavillons but also the statue of Marco Cavallo, a symbol of the psychiatry reform in the seventies. Our guide will tell us some stories about the people who worked here and anecdotes about the guests of this institution, some of whom were very creative.

Noon Time for individual experiences in town
Afternoon Guided tour “literature”

We will continue our exploration of the town through its writers, both of Italian and Slovenian language (but who often thought in German...): Italo Svevo, Um-berto Saba, Boris Pahor, Pino Roveredo (who also experienced the psychiatric hospital as a patient) and others like James Joyce.

Early evening Dinner together on a castle high above the Bay of Trieste
8 pm Departure
11 pm Arrival Klagenfurt

Cost: Euro 140,-

Included services:

Bus trip, small breakfast, guided tours, dinner without beverages, tour guide system, all-day tour guide.

Registration is required for all events. Please complete the form here

N.B. The excursion to Trieste is a paid tour